Arias for Young Voices is a new aria anthology - the perfect beginners' aria anthology that provides a complete platform to launch your classical singing studies.

Having worked with young and professional voices in many countries for decades, few teachers have a better background for editing such an anthology than Barbro Marklund.

The repertoire is selected to develop young voices an ages 16-26. The standard of the arias is such that they can be performed in auditions, proposed for concert programmes, sung in church concerts, recitals, and of singing competitions and scholarship tests. And, of course, we can perform these arias with pleasure and great satisfaction for the rest of our lives.

The repertory expands on the "standard" repertory, and includes arias from maybe lesser known works. Together with suggestions on further repertory from the same composers, this will give young singers a unique possibility to grow their own repertory.

Each aria is accompanied by a short biography about composers and librettists, information about the premiere, vocabulary, voice fach, synopsis and information about act or movement. In addition, useful tips on other roles and arias if you want to continues singing more music by the same composer.

All original languages in the music: English, German, French, Italian and Latin, Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian and Czech. All languages are translated into English and also have full IPA translations.

The range of the aria is noted. The music also has basic chord analysis for the less experiences piano player.

The SOPRANO. ALTO&MEZZO and TENOR editions have already been published. The edition for baritone/bass editions will be published during 2021.


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The Soprano, Mezzo/Alto and Tenor editions - each consisting of  20 opera arias and 10 sacred arias from the early days of opera to the 21th century specially selected for the needs of young voices - are already available.

The edition for baritones/basses will be published during 2021.